BEVQ App – Etoken and Virtual Queuing System

About the Project:

This application was initialised by BevQ Corp & the Indian State Government to supply Kerala with contactless liquor drop-offs, after closing down liquor shops and bars due to Covid-19 restrictions. Being that Liquor shops and Bars we’re closed down, BevQ would become the only way for the people of Kerala, population 34 Million, to access Liquor. The App would go on to receive over 20M sign ups, and $1B+ in financial transactions.

How the product works

  • Contactless ordering, payment, and delivery of Alcoholic beverages
  • Alcohol purchases are arranged in a first-come first-serve que
  • Token-based payment system, allowing users to purchase credits and use them for liquor purchases
  • Live tracking of available inventory

Technologies Used

React Native