20M+ Sign Ups


Case Study: Revolutionizing Liquor Retail with BevQ

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Kerala and the Kerala State Beverages Corporation collaborated to introduce the BevQ App, developed by Faircode Technologies. This app aimed to enforce social distancing measures in liquor stores across Kerala, thereby reducing congestion and ensuring public safety. Released on May 27, 2020, the BevQ App quickly gained traction as a vital tool for managing liquor sales during the pandemic.

Business Challenge

With liquor sales temporarily halted in Kerala due to the pandemic, there was an urgent need to devise a solution that would enable safe and efficient liquor retail operations. Faircode Technologies rose to the challenge by participating in a hackathon-style competition organized by the Kerala state government. Their task was to develop a technology-driven solution that would facilitate liquor sales while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Solution Offered

Faircode Technologies’ product solution, BevQ, emerged as the winning proposal among 26 competing teams. Key features of the BevQ App included:

  • Contactless ordering, payment, and delivery of alcoholic beverages to ensure public safety.
  • Implementation of a first-come, first-served queue system for alcohol purchases, promoting fairness and efficiency.
  • Introduction of a token-based payment system, allowing users to purchase credits and utilize them for liquor transactions.
  • Provision of live inventory tracking, enabling users to stay informed about the availability of liquor products.

Technologies Used

Faircode Technologies leveraged a range of technologies to develop the BevQ App, including:
Redis for caching and session management.

SQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Node.js and Python for backend development.

React Native and React.js for cross-platform mobile and web application development.


The BevQ App achieved remarkable success, surpassing all other Indian food and drink apps in terms of year-on-year session growth in 2020, as reported by App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021 report. With over 20 million sign-ups and facilitating over $300 million in financial transactions, BevQ emerged as the primary platform for retail liquor sales in Kerala during the pandemic. The platform enlisted around 300 government liquor shops and 900 private liquor shops, catering to more than 200 million unique users and issuing approximately 250,000 tokens daily.