Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical


Digital Transformation for a Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Company with ERPNext 

ERPNext, renowned as one of the world’s best free and open-source ERP, has revolutionized the e-commerce landscape through its seamless integration capabilities. This case study delves into the transformational journey of a leading homoeopathic pharmaceutical company in Kerala, which embraced the ERPNext + E-commerce combo to become the first-ever homoeopathic pharmaceutical company in the region with an e-commerce website.

Business Challenge

The pharmaceutical company faced significant challenges in managing its operations efficiently. The conventional van delivery system for distributing medicines across Kerala proved to be cumbersome and resource-intensive. They sought a digital solution to streamlin

Solution Offered

The implemented ERPNext + E-commerce marketplace boasted several noteworthy features:

  • Engaging login & landing pages to enhance user experience.
  • Smart search engine for efficient product discovery.
  • Realistic product views for informed purchasing decisions.
  • Provision for doctors to upload prescriptions directly.
  • Quick product order options for shop operators.
  • Smart Cart functionality for streamlined shopping experiences.
  • Integrated payment gateway with Razorpay and Payu for secure transactions.
  • Integrated shipping gateway with Shiprocket for efficient order fulfillment.

Advantages of ERPNext for E-commerce: The ERPNext + E-commerce combo offers several advantages:

  • Open-source platform customizable to organizational needs.
  • Wide variety of functionalities tailored to E-commerce requirements.
  • Better storefront management with real-time data feeds.
  • Enhanced productivity through automation of business processes.
  • Elimination of data duplication and streamlined integration.
  • Improved business planning and forecasting capabilities.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through real-time shipment tracking.
  • Better control over business operations from anywhere.

Technologies Used

It's leverages a variety of technologies to deliver its functionalities:


The integration of ERPNext with E-commerce has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient management solutions. By leveraging Faircode Technologies’ pocket-friendly ERPNext Integrated E-commerce Platform, businesses can streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and drive additional sales. Embracing ERP-enabled software not only simplifies business complexity but also paves the way for smarter and more efficient operations in the competitive e-commerce landscape.