About the Project:

Injurlytics is a startup based in Florida, United States that links businesses and lawyers with a suite of legal research, case data, and settlement trends tailored to personal injury cases. The platform sought to gauge the potential settlement range for personal injury cases, refine settlement strategies for higher payouts, allow attorneys to increase their fees by utilising informed negotiation tactics, easily manage client expectations, and make well-informed decisions on case acceptance or rejection

How the product works

  • Users get analytics to specific personal injury cases by injury, settlement players, demographics, judge, and location.
  • Access to an online portal providing settlement data for research competitive intelligence with machine learning models
  • Tracks and receives alerts on settlement parties
  • Custom dashboards and reporting to track the results of case searches and settlement
  • Receive crowdsourced data provided by members of the settlement
  • Education and training on the latest use of data analytics to optimise recoveries
  • A community of like-minded plaintiff attorneys

Technologies Used

Azure Data Factory
Microsoft Power BI
React js