Open-School: Education Management System

About the Project:

Open School serves as a multifaceted school management system, uniting administrators, teachers, parents, and students into a cohesive community. It facilitates the free flow of information, fostering improved educational organisational efficiency. The collaborative dynamic between staff, students and parents lessens barriers, enhances mutual understanding, and aligns expectations. From online learning to assignment management, Open School covers the essential facets of the education ecosystem. As a cloud based ERP solution designed for educational institutions, this platform has had more than 1100+ successful implementations within institutions, with 25+ countries as channel partners across the globe.

How the product works

  • Gives parents, students, teachers, and school administrators a full suite of digital tools for online learning and school management.
  • Gives students access to course materials online, diverse study resources, and tackle assignments with automatic grading and feedback mechanisms.
  • Assignment, Time, and Residence Management for students
  • Progress, attendance, and health tracking for parents
  • Goal setting, progress tracking, parent communication, homework creation and assignment grading for teachers
  • Application, financial, academic management for school administration

Technologies Used

iOS – Swift4