Open-School: Education Management System


Empowering Education Management with Smart School Software

Our internal product team developed a multifaceted school management system aimed at unifying administrators, teachers, parents, and students into a cohesive educational community. This cloud-based ERP solution, designed to streamline educational processes, has been implemented in over 1100 instances within institutions across 25+ countries, with a global network of channel partners.

Business Challenge

Recognizing the challenges faced by educational institutions in managing diverse stakeholders, our product team set out to create a solution that could streamline administrative tasks, enhance parental involvement, and provide students with advanced learning tools.

Solution Offered

 Our solution offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools for online learning and school management, catering to all stakeholders. Key features include:

  • Full suite of digital tools accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Student access to course materials, study resources, and automated assignment grading.
  • Modules for assignment, time, and residence management.
  • Progress tracking, attendance monitoring, and health tracking functionalities for parents.
  • Goal setting, progress tracking, parent communication, homework management, and assignment grading functionalities for teachers.
  • Application, financial, and academic management functionalities for school administration.

Technologies Used

The solution leverages a variety of technologies for development, including:
PHP, Yii for backend development

MySQL for database management.

Android and Java for mobile application development.

iOS and Swift 4 for iOS application development.


The solution has provided a transformative approach to education management, fostering collaboration, communication, and administrative efficiency. It continues to make significant contributions to improving educational outcomes and organizational efficiency in the education sector globally.