RFID Microchip and Pet Management Software


Revolutionizing Pet Management with RFID Technology

Developed by one of the largest animal transportation companies in the United States, this pet management system serves individual pet owners, shelters, and pet breeders alike. It allows users to manage their pets’ information, including RFID microchip ID numbers, medical history, and access to a suite of lost pet recovery services. The platform represents the client’s strategic expansion into RFID microchipping operations alongside their existing transportation services.

Business Challenge

The client, a major player in animal transportation, aimed to diversify their operations by venturing into RFID microchipping for pets. They recognized the need for a comprehensive pet management platform that seamlessly integrates RFID technology with pet transportation services. The challenge was to develop a solution that caters to the needs of pet owners, shelters, and breeders while ensuring efficient pet tracking and recovery.

Solution Offered

The pet management system offers a range of features to meet the diverse needs of pet owners, shelters, and breeders:
Storage of RFID microchip ID numbers in a national pet recovery database.
Tracking of pets’ medical history, accessible to veterinarians and shelters.
Subscription-based payment logging for pet-tracking and rescue services.
An e-commerce shop offering merchandise, RFID chips, and pet supplies.

Technologies Used

The platform leverages the following technologies to deliver its functionalities:
React for front-end development.

PHP Laravel for back-end development.

MySQL for database management.

Zoho Payment integrations for subscription payment processing.


This pet management system has modernized the way pet owners, shelters, and breeders manage their pets’ information and access lost pet recovery services. By integrating RFID technology with comprehensive pet management features, it provides a seamless solution for pet tracking and recovery, contributing to the safety and well-being of pets nationwide.