Virtual Tutoring Technology


Transforming Online Tutoring with Unizone

Unizone, a startup based in Raleigh, North Carolina, recognized the challenges faced by students in accessing affordable tutoring and study groups, especially in the era of online education. With a vision to revolutionize the online learning experience, Unizone aimed to bridge the gap by providing a comprehensive platform for students and staff to schedule tutoring sessions, create study groups, and participate in virtual classroom sessions seamlessly.

Business Challenge

The primary challenges facing students included the high cost of tutoring and the difficulty of finding targeted help for challenging college tests. Unizone sought to address these challenges by providing a platform where students could share the cost of a tutor and connect with peers who had previously taken the same class. Their goal was to make tutoring more accessible and effective, while also facilitating cost-sharing among students.

Solution Offered

Unizone partnered with leading technology providers to develop a comprehensive platform that addressed the unique needs of students and educators in the online learning environment. The solution offered includes:
Tutoring Session Scheduling: Facilitates both virtual and in-person tutoring sessions, allowing students to access targeted assistance from tutors who had previously taken the same class.
Cost-sharing Model: Enables students to split the cost of tutoring sessions, making tutoring more affordable and accessible to a wider range of students.
Virtual Classroom Sessions: Utilizes open-source software called Big Blue Button for education-based virtual meetups, providing students with interactive learning experiences.
Payment Management: Integrates Stripe for seamless payment processing, ensuring secure and convenient transactions for both students and tutoring contractors.

Technologies Used

Unizone leverages a variety of technologies to deliver its functionalities:
Front-end: Utilizes React for front-end development, providing a user-friendly interface for students and educators.

Back-end: Employs Yii2 for back-end development, ensuring robust and scalable functionality.

Database Leverages MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval, maintaining the integrity of student and session information.

Communication Integrates Twilio API for SMS and phone call integration, enhancing communication features for seamless interaction between students and tutors.

Virtual Classroom Utilizes open-source software called Big Blue Button for virtual classroom sessions, offering interactive learning experiences for students.


Unizone presents a stride towards enhanced student-to-student collaboration in online education, providing a versatile platform to enrich both learning and teaching experiences. By tackling the hurdles of expensive tutoring and challenging college tests, Unizone seeks to transform the landscape of online education, fostering accessibility, interactivity, and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.