Augmented Reality is Going to Change our Lives

Augmented Reality is Going to Change our Lives

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“Goldenlink is a Software Development Company Houston based, that provides custom digital solutions to emerging and established companies.

Now this blog may take your imagination on a wild ride. It might open up some totally new insights, and get you thinking about where tech may impact your life down the line. This blog might make you think the writer of this post is a crazy person, but just take this ride with us, because we’re going to make a simple point; augmented reality is the future, and the future looks amazing. – Software Development Company Houston

Children and adults love technology, just embrace it. It is clear, we as a people LOVE IT. Whether it’s our love of playing video games, streaming TV shows, listening to music, etc. technology has become a part of our lives. Many, dare I say most, of the everyday things use today require some form of technology to come to be. In some sense, technology is currently augmenting our reality. How? And what exactly is “augmenting reality”? The definition of “augment” is to “make something greater, adding to it” so augmenting reality, in this context would be enhancing reality through technology.

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So how do we use technology to augment reality? Lots of ways. When you are in the zone at the gym and you’ve got your most intense songs playing to help pump you up, you are “augmenting reality”. After all bored waiting for the doctor at your annual visit, and you pull out your favorite mobile phone games or social media, you are augmenting reality; when you had a long day at work and you want to just wind down by watching some of your favorite TV series on netflix, you, my friend, are augmenting reality. 

These are current forms of augmented reality, now, let’s think about the future.

Your at an empty field with your two kids, no sports gear, just you them, oh, and your augmented reality eyeglasses of course. You click a few buttons and turn on the “soccer app”. The whole field changes, you’re in a mountainous Iceland with a soccer field virtually painted on the ground, newly erected goal posts, and a virtual soccer ball appears. You strap onto your shoes your augmenting strap(which you carry around on your wrist) so that you can feel the virtual ball tap your feet when you kick the simulated ball (Software Development Company Houston). Now, you’re running around this new world, with your kids, kicking the virtual ball back and forth, having a blast.

The simulation is incredibly realistic. You see a soccer ball that’s not there, you feel it, and you are kicking it around getting exercise and bonding with your kids. You are using technology to enhance your day. Now, to take it up a notch, you change levels entirely. Your not at the mountainous soccer field you were just at, your at the new edition “Graveyard Level”, the whole atmosphere around you, changed, through the augmented reality glasses. It’s not just you and your kids anymore, you also with simulated zombies that can climb out of the ground and slap the soccer ball away. Like I said, crazy, huh? Okay, okay. 

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Let’s get a little more practical

Let’s say your son or daughter wants to learn how to play the piano. You just spent a fortune on the piano set, song books, speakers, etc. They are all ready to play, but they don’t know HOW to play. Now they’re going to need tutoring on how to read music and proper methods of playing the instrument. Piano lessons can cost upwards of $100 per session. Instead, you tell them to strap on their augmented reality glasses, and download a piano lesson app. Now, when they look down at the piano, they are shown, through the glasses, where to place their hands, what key to press down on to play each song. They can replay the song they are working on repeatedly, and see exactly how a professional would play it with perfect accuracy every single time. Talk about a self taught musician. 

Last example, and seriously this one can save lives. A man gets into a motorcycle accident. His leg is severely impacted, and he is losing blood. He makes it to the hospital and is going to need a blood transfusion. As well as a bunch of different medications. He is allergic to penicillin, and he is blood type O+ but the doctor doesn’t know this. He’s wearing his AR glasses and and the glasses use a facial recognition software to look the man up, and give the doctor access to his medical history, as well as his family’s contact information. The doctor acts accordingly, avoids the allergy inducing medication, and gets to work, fast, more efficiently than ever before.

Working at a Software Development Houston based company,

we (Software Development Company Houston) not only have to think about where technology is currently at. But where it is going, where it one day should be. And I can say with confidence, soon, AR is going to alter our world in enormous ways. There’s a billion other ways that augmented reality can and will impact our lives. And we  intend on writing about many more, if you dare to explore. Go down this rabbit hole with us.

“Goldenlink is a Software Development Company Houston based, that provides custom digital solutions to emerging and established companies. Our motto is to “Uncage Technology” because that is exactly what we do. During our development cycle, we allow our clients the freedom to creatively refine and alter the technology they build through us. Freedom of thought, expression, and creation is key when it comes to new ideas, and building new technology, and we provide a gateway to pure digital creation”.