How Does ACH Payment Processing Work? Updated

accept ach payments

If that sounds like too long, some banks and payment services offer Real-Time Payments (RTPs). As the name implies, RTPs settle almost immediately, making them convenient for situations in which you need Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups to pay someone quickly. Businesses that want more robust features, including the ability to debit customer accounts for recurring payments, may need to look into supplemental payment processing services.

accept ach payments

What info do I need to give to receive an ACH payment?

Less expensive than credit card processing in most cases, it’s secure and easy for you and your customer. Most payment processors can handle ACH payments and include the function in their services. Contact your payment processor for details on how to set up ACH payments for your business. If you already have a payment processor for accepting credit card payments, see if it also handles ACH transactions.

What Is ACH Payment Processing?

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PaymentCloud: Best High-Risk ACH Processor

accept ach payments

ACH is a bank-to-bank transfer of funds through the Automated Clearing House. Wire transfers are real-time bank-to-bank transfers and are more expensive than ACH. To start accepting these types of payments, you need to set up a business bank account and sign up for a merchant account that offers ACH payment services. This quick guide will show you how to accept ACH payments in five steps. Both ACH payments and wire transfers carry funds between banks, but they’re actually a bit different.

How The Best ACH Providers Compare

In this way, easier payments can do more than just bring in revenue more quickly—it can also help support business growth. In comparison, ACH payments are easy for clients to send and for law firms to receive in just a few clicks. This straightforward and simple process makes it easier for clients to pay you, and makes it faster for you to receive payment. In just a few clicks, you can create a mandate and send a link to your customer who completes the online form – you can then collect payments as required. With ACH, funds are transferred directly from one account to another and not routed through expensive card networks, which charge 1.3%-3.5% as a base fee.

  • It’s worth learning how to accept ACH payments so you can give customers one more payment option and — hopefully — capture the sale.
  • An ACH Debit occurs when a customer authorizes the merchant to make a transaction.
  • This can result in delays when receiving funds, so accepting payments via ACH can take 1 to 5 days.
  • Stax by Fattmerchant may be best for businesses that can predict a high amount of sales per year to make the monthly subscription worth it.
  • Wire transfers are real-time bank-to-bank transfers and are more expensive than ACH.

Step 2: Set Up a Business Bank Account

accept ach payments

How to collect ACH Debit payments with GoCardless