SEO Explained

SEO Explained

So, What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, but how does it actually work? Each industry has a certain amount of traffic searching for their services. And using search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. For example, someone may search the term, ‘Dentist Houston’ when they need a Dentist,. “Personal Injury Lawyer Houston” when they need a lawyer,. “SEO Houston” when they need a SEO Expert Houston , and “Software Development Company Houston”,when they need a software development team.

The goal of quality SEO, is to find out where industry customers are looking for a service. And then make sure that a particular company’s website ranks high up in the search results. Because they do this by understanding Google’s algorithm well enough to ensure that it picks up on certain websites. And in other words, we as a software development company Houston local, make sure that Google’s algorithm becomes well aware. That we are top-dogs for the job, when people search terms related to software development Houston and SEO Houston.

So there are two sides of the coin, knowing where your target market is searching, and then utilizing the technical methods to show up where they are searching.

Why SEO is important

While paid advertising, social media marketing, and alternative online platforms will generate traffic to websites, the bulk of on-line traffic is driven by search engines. And organic search results cover more digital estate, but appear more credible to savvy searchers, and receive way more clicks than paid advertisements. Think about it, because would you be more likely to click on an advertisement in the search results or a website showing up organically? 70%+ of searchers would rather pick the organic search listings, making organic SEO arguably the most impactful form of digital marketing.

Aditionally ads require constant funding. You’re always going to have to pay for certain outreach. Where as SEO will snowball over time, and doesn’t necessarily have to cost a penny or would be a relatively minor expense. For example, say you are a personal injury lawyer, and you’ve realized 2,000 search for your service in your area per month. A cost per click may be upwards of $100 per click in the google search results. Where as SEO will snowball over time.

If you follow the best methods of SEO today(which can be found all over the web) you will organically show up as a top google search result, and start receiving in-bound leads. If you were to pay an SEO expert or local SEO Houston team to get this done you may be paying around $1,200/month to be a top result for the entire 2,000 search volume; each click is free. Think about this vs paying for an ad, each click costs $30-$100. Though Search engine optimization is a long term game, it is typically worth it in the long run.

SEO Houston & Software Development company Houston

So us, as a SEO Houston & Software Development company Houston locally owned. we try to show up for keywords specific to our industry. We don’t want to show up in the search results when someone searches something like “Dentist near me”, that wouldn’t make sense for us, so we optimize our website accordingly. We have a specific set of “keywords”(words our audience is searching for on google) that we’ve tested the search volume for. By knowing how many people search for our target keywords, we can try to drive a certain amount of that traffic to our webpage. For example, around 1,600 people search for “SEO Houston” in our area each month.

That’s a TON! So we may try to make sure at least 100-200 of those searchers are landing on our page each month. Another term we may try to show up for as a development company in houston, is “software development company houston”. We add the word “company” to the search because if we just had “Software Development Houston”. We may attract people looking for software development courses, not necessarily services. By keeping it specific to our actual service we push away any unnecessary website clicks. This way, we don’t waste anyone’s time and we get the customers we really want to click on us.

Goldenlink Digital Media

Goldenlink Digital Media is a Digital marketing, SEO Houston, and Software Development company Houston. Located that provides results-driven campaigns through strategic tech-based solutions. We’ve been pushing the boundaries and creating value for our partners through the latest methods in IT. Our team is made up of a dynamic collection of individuals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in. Branding, Digital services, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Web Design, and much more. We provides online marketing services to companies, organizations, and brands of all sizes, from single-location shops to large corporations. Our SEO expert team in Houston have years of expertise helping businesses with their local SEO and Technical Development.