Open-School: Education Management System

Empowering Education Management with Smart School Software

Our internal product team developed a multifaceted school management system aimed at unifying administrators, teachers, parents, and students into a cohesive educational community. This cloud-based ERP solution, designed to streamline educational processes, has been implemented in over 1100 instances within institutions across 25+ countries, with a global network of channel partners.

Virtual Tutoring Technology

Transforming Online Tutoring with Unizone

Unizone, a startup based in Raleigh, North Carolina, recognized the challenges faced by students in accessing affordable tutoring and study groups, especially in the era of online education. With a vision to revolutionize the online learning experience, Unizone aimed to bridge the gap by providing a comprehensive platform for students and staff to schedule tutoring sessions, create study groups, and participate in virtual classroom sessions seamlessly.

RFID Microchip and Pet Management Software

Revolutionizing Pet Management with RFID Technology

Developed by one of the largest animal transportation companies in the United States, this pet management system serves individual pet owners, shelters, and pet breeders alike. It allows users to manage their pets’ information, including RFID microchip ID numbers, medical history, and access to a suite of lost pet recovery services. The platform represents the client’s strategic expansion into RFID microchipping operations alongside their existing transportation services.